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Go-Karts are closed at this time

About Gator Raceway

Close-Toed shoes are required, Long hair must be tied up into a pony tail, and may have to be tucked into your shirt, and no skirts or dresses without shorts or pants underneath.

Gator's & Friends Adventure Park has added a major expansion with this high performance outdoor Go-Kart racetrack at our current location in Greenwood, Louisiana.  The 1600 ft. racetrack with superwide lanes adds an expansion of over 100,000 sq. ft. to our attraction.

Gator Raceway allows drivers a true racing experience complete with lots of turns to build skills and strategies.  These Sodi gas-powered karts top speeds of over 35 mph with terrific handling that hug curves and pick up speed on the straight aways.  Gator Raceway is designed to meet the racing desires of adults but we also offer driving experiences for children in separate races between the adult races.  There is something for everyone at Gators & Friends.  You can Fly High on a zipline over alligators, Drive Fast at Gator Raceway, or spend a quiet day under the shade with Exotic Animals. Take a Walk on the Wildside with us today!
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ADULT DRIVERS - 13 or older


Closed-toe shoes, no skirts or dresses, and
long hair must be pulled back are
requirements for go-karting

1 RACE - ADULT  $18 / JUNIOR $14
5 RACE - ADULT $65 / JUNIOR $58
3 RACE - ADULT  $45 / JUNIOR $39
HEADSOCK - $0.50

Track Hours

Go-Karts are Closed at this time.

You can READ THE WAIVER here!
(before the lobby)

When you arrive at Gator Raceway there are a few things we need you to do to before we put you in the seat of a go-kart.
* First, you will be asked to put a few basic pieces of information into a computer for registration - including a really cool racing name (so be thinking about that before you get here).
* Then you will take a racing photo (please be sure to give us your best and most serious racing face because it will be posted on a big screen for all the world to see or at least the people in the lobby).
* Finally, you will need to sign a form saying you read this waiver.  

That's it!  The toughest part will be deciding how many races you want to buy or maybe the toughest part will be deciding when to go home.

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Keep up with our top racers and compete throughout the year!

*(any inappropriate names will not be published regardless of times recorded, respectfully.)
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